Business Limousine Service to Impress

Mergers, acquisitions, partnering, or joint ventures; there are so many business issues that require in person contact.  If you have business guests coming into town and you want to impress them, then hire a limousine service to pick them up from the airport or their hotel.

A Business Limousine Service Makes Sense on So Many Levels

Certainly the first thing that comes to mind is making an impression.  Let’s qualify that: it makes a great impression.

Actually, a business limousine service says a lot about you and your company to your visitors.  It shows caring.  It speaks of wanting them to have convenience and comfort.  It is evidence of good organization and attention to detail.

If you are vying for their business against other candidate companies, it will certainly and definitely set your organization apart from the rest.

The Right Way and Wrong Way to go About Organizing the Limo Service

Make sure you tell them DIRECTLY that this will be provided for them: don’t leave a message with a secretary or assistant and “hope” it gets to the right people.

Give each person in the visiting party ALL of the instructions.  Such as: tell them that the chauffeur will wait for them inside at the arrival gate and will be carrying a sign.   Clearly spell out what the sign will say.

Give them the correct phone number in case, by some chance, they miss the limo chauffeur for any reason.  They can then call him/her and meet in another location.

Of course, you also have to arrange all of this very clearly with the limousine service provider.  Make sure you identify if you want the driver to wait inside or out; provide the right information for the sign; etc.

Tell the limo company how to handle it if the arriving people want to tour a bit before getting to their hotel.  In fact, for an added special touch, tell the limo driver to offer to tour them around to a few interesting landmarks on the way.  The driver will indicate that you made the offer, so it will be all the more impressive.

The Business Limousine Service To and From the First Meetings

You will need no words to impress, if the limo service is extended to the next days’ meetings to and from the hotel.  That will speak for volumes, without any conversation at all.

Not only that, it will certainly ensure that they get to your meeting on time.

There is so much competition in business today.  If your organization wants to make a memorable impression, especially in a busy, traffic clogged city like Vancouver, providing a limousine service is most certainly the way to do it.

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