The Needs of Every Customer

Every customer comes into a store or calls a business looking to fulfill two specific needs. The first is a logical need pertaining directly to the product. These can include size, color, specifications, ease of use features, price and so on. Regardless of the product the customer is looking to purchase, she/he has specific logical needs that must be made.

The second, and often most important, needs are emotional ones. These needs relate to the customer’s ego and feelings of satisfaction, relief, success, pride, and joy. These are the needs that usually propel or motivate the customer to buy.

While many business learn what the customer wants in the product, they don’t find out why the customer is making that particular purchase. They don’t ask questions that would give them a better insight into the customer’s state of mind. They don’t learn what is driving the customer to buy.

Most people will tell you anything you want to know. All you have to do is ask. If you demonstrate genuine interest in your customers, they will respond accordingly and give you information that will help determine what is truly motivating them to buy.

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