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Mother's Day Limo
Can you think of a better way to transport your ‘oh, so very special Mother’ on Mother’s Day than in a limo?
Can you image how thrilled she’ll be?
You know she’ll be happy about it for a long time!

Mother’s Day Limousine Service is All about Showing That You Care

With Mother’s day it’s often the “same old, same old”.  Gather the kids, drive to a restaurant or to a family member’s home, have lunch or dinner, give her gift and then go home.  Often, mom and dad will just drive themselves to the appointed location. Read More…


Vancouver Limousine DateWhat better way to remember a first date, or any date, than having a limousine drive up to your home and then seeing the chauffeur holding the door open, inviting you in?

What is a Vancouver Limousine Date?

Let’s face it; Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Driving around downtown and then going through Stanley Park with a view of the Lions Gate Bridge, the gardens, and the fabulous water views, on the way to dinner … this is definitely the way to impress a date!
It also gives the chance to talk in comfort and quiet, to get to know each other, and just relax together; which is an environment that most first dates could use.

At the End of the Date Things Go Better

After dinner, back in the limo on the way home, there is no worrying about having had wine and drinks with dinner.

You don’t have to get into a taxi that isn’t quite as clean as you would like, often with a driver who Read More…


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